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Ethical Earrings for Sustainable Style


Our mission is to use our products + manufacturing process to collaborate + support fair trade jobs for women in underprivileged areas of Honduras. While simultaneously working to give a voice to their incredible stories. The process we have chosen is not the most efficient nor cost effective, but it provides the greatest return of our investment into ethical business practices. We are a small business that operates by serving our employees and customers above our bottom line.


Who We Are

Abba + Nim was founded in 2015 under the name Elohim + Nim by Nimia Saleh. We are an accessory store + manufacturer that has chosen a unique process of manufacturing to create jobs for women in Honduras. We design everything in-house in Baton Rouge, LA, + are forever grateful for all the women in Honduras that have taken the chance to work with us. To read more about how we started working with these wonderful women, please check out the "Our Story" blog post. 


  Why We Do It

Designed With Purpose

Handmade To Empower

Wide Spread Impact

We believe in design with purpose + craftsmanship. As small as a pair of earrings may seem, we celebrate the pride each woman takes in their work because it never goes unseen.

[Col 3:23]

Our earrings are handmade to provide fair-trade jobs. These jobs offer a source of income + empower women in underprivileged areas of Honduras.

[2 Cor 2:23]

Our goal is to have the work these women do, give back + make an impact locally so that they can also be part of the change in their community.

[Phil 2:4]