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Our mission is to use our products, manufacturing process + collaborations to impact the lives that we come in contact with. The process we have chosen is not the most efficient nor cost effective, but it provides the greatest return of our investment into pouring into our customers + local community. Our goal is to be a small business that operates by serving anyone we work with and customers above our bottom line.


Who We Are

Abba + Nim was founded in 2015 by Nimia Saleh. This all happened when Nimia was on a search for a more meaningful way to touching the lives of other through her business.

All of our jewelry is made with gold plated + brass materials for more durability + quality. We design + make everything in-house in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Our business like many others has had to change and adapt due to Covid-19. Today we are focusing on ways that we can contribute to our local community in order to stay true to our purpose of touching others with our products.

If you know of anyone or any cause that we could help in our local community please email your submission to


  Why We Do It

Designed With Purpose

Handmade To Empower

Wide Spread Impact

We believe in design with purpose + craftsmanship. As small as a pair of earrings may seem, we celebrate the quality in each piece because it never goes unseen.

[Col 3:23]

Our earrings are handmade locally to pour into the lives that we come into contact with through our products + production. Every life we encounter is a blessing to our business.

[Phil 2:3]

Our goal is to have our work give back + make an impact locally so that we can also be part of the change in our community. A thriving community means we are fulfilling our purpose. 

[Prov 27:17]